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About Us

Real estate isn’t just a job for us, it’s something we were born and raised into! When I was five years old, I remember my parents becoming landlords in their quest for the American dream. I used to translate leases and documents for them as English was not their primary language. I saw them build wealth and eventually retire from that wealth. The lessons I learned during that time weren’t always easy, but they led to my eventual career path.

I knew I wanted to help others build wealth in real estate.

My wife, Michele, was also born and raised into real estate. Growing up, her parents were both self-employed. She saw them investing in real estate and learned what it meant to be a landlord. Their investments in real estate paid off and they were able to retire with financial security.

Believe it or not, we met while working at The Home Depot! When we were married, we bought a bank repo in Pasadena that was a major fixer upper! Our finances were tight, yet we knew the value of investing in real estate. A few years later we ended up selling that property which allowed us to move back to North County San Diego where Michele grew up. We both loved the area and decided to raise our sons here.

We make a great team. Not only are we both experienced and knowledgeable in real estate, but our strengths complement one another. I negotiate the best deal for the client and Michele makes sure all the behind the scenes details are covered. Together, we are a hands-on team here to serve your real estate needs by sharing our knowledge gained through personal life experience.

So, if you are looking for an agent you can trust that will ensure you are making a wise move, we provide the finest, comprehensive real estate services we were Born & Raised into.

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Frank Cortes

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Michele Cortes
Director of Operations
& Administration

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